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Selecting a School

At Irene's, we know choosing a new school can be a daunting task. We encourage you to make an informed choice before you begin your education in massage therapy. We have listed several important considerations in determining which school is right for you.

Valid Credentials - National Accreditation, State Massage Board Approval, State Licensed, Professional Membership

  • National Accreditation guarantees that the school meets high standards established by the Federal Department of Education to assure a quality education. Irene’s Myomassology Institute has been accredited with ACCET since 2001.
  • ​Irene’s is approved by the State Massage Therapy Board making graduates eligible to be licensed.
  • Licensed by the State of Michigan since 1987
  • Certified by International Myomassethics Federation
  • Institutional Member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
  • School Member of the American Massage Therapy Association
  • Research Donator for the Massage Therapy Foundation
  • Founding Member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education

Michigan requires massage schools to have a minimum of 625 hours in their program.

  • At Irene’s, a full 700 supervised hours (not homework) are provided with Faculty present.

Completion and Placement Statistics - It is important to inquire of a school’s completion and placement rates.

  • As an accredited school, Irene’s always meets or exceeds the government standards.

The instructors’ experience and the school’s longevity dictate educational quality.

  • Our program is based on Irene’s 50 years of massage experience, and she taught for 35 years. The school was established in 1987. Each of our massage instructors have years of teaching experience.

Graduate Licensing – Does the school prepare students for the licensing exam, and submit their state license application?

  • Before graduating all students pass the licensing exam, their license application is sent to the state, and the school covers all of the first time fees (a $280 value).

Does the school have someone on staff to guide students through school?

  • ​Irene’s has a full-time Student Advisor on staff to support them.

Does the school have someone on staff to help grads find a job?

  • ​Irene’s has a career service counselor. Due to Irene’s outstanding reputation, employers prefer to recruit graduates from our program.
  • ​Our school’s alumni have access to lifetime placement services.
  • Exclusive career fairs are hosted for Irene’s alumni every year.

Location - Consider size, number of classrooms, student clinic, cleanliness, & professional environment

  • Irene’s state of the art facility was designed specifically to provide an ideal space for learning. With over 17,500 square feet the school boasts five classrooms and a professional student clinic. Irene’s has been referred to by industry leaders as the most beautiful massage school in the country!

Student Clinic – The state requires students to work on the public under faculty supervision.

  • By practicing in a professionally run clinic on-site, Irene’s students gain experience working on the public under the guidance of faculty members.

Variety of Electives - How many modalities are offered in the school curriculum?

  • In addition to therapeutic massage, students choose from over 40 different elective subjects.

Tuition – Obviously cost, financial aid and scholarships are important considerations for all students.

  • Irene’s has a financial aid department that assists students in securing all the funding they are eligible for. Our Kempley Massage Scholarship provides up to $2,000 for qualified students who need additional help with tuition.
  • When measuring value and cost, calculate the hourly tuition rate by dividing the total cost by the number of hours in the program.

Do the class schedules fit into a busy life?

  • Irene’s understands that it can be challenging for busy adults to gain an education. We have flexible schedules allowing students to work full-time while in school.
  • Day or evening classes are available.

Are all of the subjects taught by qualified instructors, or does the same person teach most of the classes?

  • Every instructor at Irene’s is an authority in the subject they teach. With highly qualified instructors in every class, students enjoy the opportunity to acquire skills from experts in each area.

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